No money to learn English

No money to learn English

No money to learn English In my country I was a teacher. When I married my husband he said we would move to UK. I thought I would have a better life here; it’s what everyone in my country dreams of, but I was wrong. My husband sends all his money to his family. I didn’t have any money to get a bus to go to English class and I didn’t have any chance of getting a job to get money because I didn’t know English.

Finally I found out about free English classes at London Muslim Centre from one of my neighbours. It was far from my house but I could get on the back of the bendy bus without paying. And there I studied English up to Entry 3 level. After completing ESOL Entry3, I was looking for a place where I could do Level 1. By now I needed a place with childcare facilities because I had a baby and I could not afford to pay for my childcare. I desperately needed to improve my English. A friend of mine told me about Heba. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

I did ESOL level 1, Level 2 and ICT. I also had conversation class and joined in the book club, which have significantly improved my speaking, listening, reading and writing. All these have given me the confidence to look for work.

When I was ready to start job hunting, I got help with building my CV, writing letters to employers, and looking for work online. The staff at Heba knew what I was looking for and forwarded job vacancies to me. Then, when I managed to secure an interview, I had some advice about possible job interview questions.

I was successful in the interview and I am so happy to be working, meeting people and having an income of my own.

Next, I’d like do GCSE maths and English and one day go on to do a PGCE, so I can be a teacher, like I was in my country. I hope Heba will help me.

I love Heba

Migratory narrative from women at Heba Oct 2013