Zoe Holloway

I Know that face in the town 08I am an artist at heart, who delves into photography, clothes making, musical expression, visual art and entrepreneurism.
I did a degree in Graphic art and Illustration at University of East London, through UEL I was awarded a travel scholarship from Canary Wharf, after writing a successful proposal to create an online magazine. I called this Juppiemagazine and travelled to six continents making six issues using my award, having an exhibition and launch on my return.
I am an NCTJ trained Photojournalist and gained this accreditation after leaving university upon receiving the Times Ten Year Anniversary award (through my photography mentors Arthur Edwards MBE and Peter Rimmer at News International) and training at Sheffield Norton college.
I am attracted to people and socially aware projects and how I can use them in my work. I enjoy creating and developing ideas for projects and producing.
ZHollowayBio 03I started an events project at university called Art/Music, I got funding for our events through Junction49 then Timebank and found myself at Shoreditch Church and then became involved in helping to co-ordinate their events which are also music and art centred, (and producing a photography project of the goings on of the Church.)
ParrotAt this point (and with previous help from The Knowledge dock business centre at UEL Jack Petchy entrepreneurship) I decided to evolve Art/Music into Adero to which I am still working on. Its primary focus is on being able to support artists and musicians.
I am in the process of going through my work to sort out a digital and hardcopy archive. I want to have a personal directed website and be more organised in the presentation side of myself.
I can’t spell: I am dyslexic, an asset which I can say makes me stronger in other areas, but I am tenacious enough to want to learn all the skills I need to succeed.
In other words I believe I have it in me somewhere, someplace and in-fact I believe we all do.