About us

We the creative team, Ros, Olusola, Mike and Zoe are piloting a participatory engagement project, our vision is to facilitate a different way of looking at migration……..


Chief standing Bear 1868-1939 

Who are we? And, what are we about?

GUEST PROJECTS AFRICA A Wing, A Prey, A Song is an East London artists Residency 21st October to 30 October 2013 in the Guest Project space along the Regent Canal studios of international artist Yinka Shonibare MBE.

This innovative migratory project, conceived by Bristol based writer, Ros Martin is being produced by her with a creative team: Bristol illustrator animator Mike Stuart, London based director Olusola Oyeleye and London based outreach workshop co-ordinator and digital artist Zoe Holloway and too we hope, yourselves as participants. It follows from a successful application by Ros to the Guest Projects Africa space, http://www.guestprojects.com/gp-africa/a-wing-a-prey-a-song/.

1) At its heart is: 2 FREE public studio professional play readings of A WING, A PREY, A SONG a work in progress, read by three actors. This 60 min play contrasts the holed up in a bedsitter existence of clandestine migrants to the natural freedom of birds.