I didn't go to school

I didn’t go to school back home

I didn't go to school

I didn’t go to school back home; for my generation it was normal and we were very poor. I came to London when I got married and never learned English till I heard about Heba from my neighbours. I enrolled in October 2011. It was my first time in a classroom. Since then, my English has improved immensely. I know road names, food names, spice names; now I can do the shopping on my own. I know the day of the week and the time in English, too.

I enjoy the social side of Heba, the parties and trips. I’ve been on three excursions with Heba, and this is how I learned to use the bus. I can take the D3 from near my house to Whitechapel or Bethnal Green, on my own.

I learnt English for myself and to help others who can’t speak English, like I couldn’t. In the future I would like to work. For now, I’m happy to volunteer at Heba with general house-keeping and tidying.



Migratory narratives from Heba Oct 2013 www.heba.org.uk