Mike Stuart

Mike StuartMike Stuart is an artist, animator and web designer living and working in Bristol.

Since studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 1988, Mike worked as a storyboard and concept artist with animation companies such as Bolex Brothers, A Productions and Aardman, then produced Flash animation for e-learning projects. His company Disphoria Design mostly produces customised WordPress websites for local companies and community services. He has taught web design, Photoshop and Flash in community education and worked with schools on art projects.

He is currently exhibiting a series of large biro drawings at the View Gallery, Bristol.
To See examples of Mike’s artwork visit www.disphoria.com

Mike will be creating a series of animated projections based on the theme of migratory birds for the Migrations theatre project: A Wing A Prey A Song.

Sketch of Birds for the Migrations Project by Mike StuartHaving a lifelong fascination for the natural world, I feel inspired that this project will enable me to gain a deeper understanding of birds; to explore the movement of bird flight, the textures and patterns of their markings, their gestures and social interaction.
I find the symbolism of bird migration very interesting. Migration can represent the yearning we feel for a bigger world, for change and for adventure.
The animation works in the play as punctuation; a place for rest and reflection between each scene. Displaying the animation in this way lifts it beyond the TV screen or gallery wall.