Creative Migrations

AWingAPreyASong is a multi-platform project experimenting across artforms. But since ‘Art’ is not a career choice how is it that we become creatives?It begins with a journey of neccessity, a migration of the imagination..
I was born a cockney sparrow into London’s gutters. But from my pushchair I saw a vast colourful country inside the capitol’s free galleries and museums. This was my introduction to the world of the artist’s imagination and i accepted its truths without question as only the mind of a child can. I explored paintings as if I was looking through glazed frames into real places where the mind was free to soar and the possibilities of life seemed limitless. Unconsciously I knew ‘here’ I had arrived in a land of my own. To this day I have the sense of coming home when I pass through the gates of lofty exhibition spaces. A feeling I struggle to have anywhere else, except inside the pages of a book, in the theatre, or whilst playing music or dancing. It is this sense of creative belonging that I try to share with young people as I encourage them to recognise their own call of the wild, knowing that through writing and drama they too will surely discover new lands of the imaginagion to name home.