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Guest Project space

R3hear5als B3gin in LOndOn 4 AWingAPreyASong!!!

There was much excitement as the new crew finally descended on London for the first two days of the residency in Hackney @ Sunbury House. Yinka Shonibare came down to see what was going on in his studio. He said he was looking forward to seeing the finished show on wednesday 30th October at the close of the Guest Projects residency.

Guest Project space
Guest Project space

The director, Sola Oyeleye was in her element working the crew and actors. Ros Martin writer and producer was working hard with responsive rewrites after the rehearsals and into the dark autumn evenings. “It’s a fantastic space,” says Ros, “Phil Newman the Production Designer has lots of great ideas for making use of the studio for the show… Morale is good,” she joked, “.. .there’s also a big kitchen where the crew have been enjoying home cooked lunches made by myself and Ria Hartley my marketing marvel!”

Watch this space for more news as the actress’ start to make the play their own and breathe life into AWingAPreyASong. I wish them all well on the final part of their journey into the residency and beyond…

Creative Migrations

AWingAPreyASong is a multi-platform project experimenting across artforms. But since ‘Art’ is not a career choice how is it that we become creatives?It begins with a journey of neccessity, a migration of the imagination..
I was born a cockney sparrow into London’s gutters. But from my pushchair I saw a vast colourful country inside the capitol’s free galleries and museums. This was my introduction to the world of the artist’s imagination and i accepted its truths without question as only the mind of a child can. I explored paintings as if I was looking through glazed frames into real places where the mind was free to soar and the possibilities of life seemed limitless. Unconsciously I knew ‘here’ I had arrived in a land of my own. To this day I have the sense of coming home when I pass through the gates of lofty exhibition spaces. A feeling I struggle to have anywhere else, except inside the pages of a book, in the theatre, or whilst playing music or dancing. It is this sense of creative belonging that I try to share with young people as I encourage them to recognise their own call of the wild, knowing that through writing and drama they too will surely discover new lands of the imaginagion to name home.

Independence Day for Nigeria 01/10/1960-2013

“In 2005 I was an artist in residence at Bristol’s Empire & Commonwealth Museum where i was granted access to a rare archive of super-8 footage taken 1st October 1960 on Nigeria’s actual 1st day of independence! Editing the footage and combining with a new poem and a soundtrack composed by Nathan Ng i made a ‘moving exhibit’  in which i reflected on the sad outbreak of the Biafra War only 7yrs later. This war set the precedent for all the later conflicts which involved western oil interests and ethnic cleansing and yet inspite of the deaths of over 1 million people, today it is barely remembered or acknowledged internationally…

‘Lest we forget’ the people who came before us who fought to preserve their place on this increasingly crowded and hungry earth, and the many forced migrations that survival has required of those that struggle to find for themselves a place to call home…

Moving Profiles.

We at A Wing A Prey A Song invite you to make your own moving profile based on the idea of Migration.

  • For Example: your Creative Migration… where did your journey begin and where are you now?
  • Or.. Family history, Stories of Migration.
  • Or a Moving Story, what does moving mean to you? Being Itinerant, displaced, restless, re-invented, evolving, mutating or Re-defining. Changing your culture from place to place…

Creating a “Journal of Journeys” personal stories for the site uploaded in profiles.