Workshop #2 Paper Mache Bird Making and Chalking Event

Despite the day of showers here in Hackney on Saturday, the Broadway Market round the corner from Sunbury House was full of hustle and bustle with passersby curiously peeking in at the events space sparking conversations on the show. We opened the workshop in the early afternoon with the chalking event pausing questions about migration, hope and freedom. The workshop, Led by Zoe Holloway, was inside our performance space where people were invited in to create a Bird out of Papier mache, and design, style and decorate it to say something about themselves or someone important to them.

There was lots of cutting, sticking, painting, gluing and talking amongst the participants, and we even had a life size bird fly in and out and around Broadway market!!!

We have some fantastic new creations to add to the design of the space ready for the FREE matinee performances of A Wing A Prey A Song  on Wednesday 30th October at 2.30pm and 7.30pm @ Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Rd, Haggerston, London E8 4QL

We hope to see you there