Upcoming events for A wing A prey A song

A WING, A PREY, A SONG  60 min Play Readings 

Written by Ros Martin

Directed by Olusola Oyeleye

Animation by Mike Stuart


Sunbury House 1 Andrews Road,  Haggerston, London E8

Wednesday 30 October 2013  2.30 and 7.30 pm 

2) TWO PUBLIC PAVEMENT CHALK EVENTS will take place. All welcome

Assemble outside Sunbury House1 Andrews Road

Haggerston, London E8

Saturday 26 October  2.30-4.00

Tuesday 29 October    3.30-4.30

We will create a visual spectacle, engaging random passerbys creatively.

E.g ‘What springs to mind with words A WING, A PREY, A SONG?’

3) BIRD MAKING WORKSHOPS with our partners Heba and members of British Black Feminist Collective and you, contributors to the set design.  Date and venue tbc


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Artist and web designer. I am creating the animation for the theatre project and I am also the web designer for this site.