‘Immigrant, suspected resident’ by Maggie Harris

(After a Facebook post by Mick North on the Hummingbird Hawk Moth)

Yes and Mister I can talk English
Better than you eheh
I can quote you Shakeyspeare
Particularly that music being the food of love
And giving me excess of it um hmm

I was Titania let me tell you
And I know the whole of Hecate’s speech
From Macbeth for true true
That was a waste of time
The stupid teacher cut my soliloquy
For someone sounding more English than me.

Proverbs I can recount you
Proverbs: truisms clothed in the garment
Of silk, a bird in the hand...
The vowels of my country sing
In the back of my throat;

For that you are responsible
You offered me this language
And left me beads, the feathers
Had all gone by then
Gone to clothe the heads of dancing girls

And don’t let’s mention the parrots
Their mothers stoned to the ground
Whilst you nestled that trembling birdette
Close to your mistresses’ chest.

Yes mister, I can speak English
But not in the form you know,
And these clothes?
Oh you don’t know the half of it.

Farewell sweet Prince.

Maggie Harris www.maggieharris.co.uk