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“London is a small bird with a really fast heartbeat”.

theres and exhibition on for a while it’s nice maybe go check it if you are around about.
They were doing questions and a lady started her sentence with …
Then when the Birds came for a Photo – shoot with me in Hoxton Square…
This Little guy Lev. 3years old. was so inquisitive as to what i was up to and naturally started to talk to the birds.
 Watcher Lev. 3yr old Bird Workshop1 Individual 43Cacca Bird Workshop1 Individual 18Bird Workshop1 Individual 31
Lev. means Heart, Lion and is a Russian and Arabic name.
His parent’s Ruth & Jack. who live in Haggesrston.


Workshop #1 Paper Mache Bird Making

Bird Making Workshop 

The Bird Making Workshop, which ran at Goldsmiths College during the ‘Perspectives from “other” cultures translating culture’ Conference 20 – 22nd September, stirred up the imagination in participants including members of the Black British Feminist Collective and X Marks the Spot.

The workshop, led by digital artist Zoe Holloway, was a chance for people to explore their own stories about migration and migratory journeys, and sharing these with others through creating papier-mâché birds and decorating them. Offering a space and time for making, reflecting, talking, writing, and thinking opened an array of narratives during the afternoon as well as a variety of colourful bird creations. During the making process, participants reflected on their personal experiences which shaped their birds, some were large and colourful; some were small and could not fly. Later the group wrote stories related to their birds which could be fictitious and woven with elements of truth or lived experiences. Images of the birds created and the recorded stories can be found on the project facebook group page which you can visit by clicking on the image below:

The papier-mâché birds will become a part of the installation designed for the FREE public reading of the play in progress A Wing A Prey A Song on the 30th October, at Sunbury House, Hackney. The migration project events aim to communicate with a diverse range of people, so the conversations are open to a wider audience and community of people.

Look Out For…..

Bird Walking Trail on Saturday 26th October from 12.00 – 13.30 – Hackney (EastLondon) Led by Zoe Holloway in collaboration with The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

YulaClick above to View the photo Album bird workshop

Workshop1 12Joan


The British Black Feminist Collective are writers, artists, thinkers, academics, historians, activists, mothers, godmothers, daughters etc

“We aim to counteract the invisibility, marginalisation and obliteration of black women’s history, lives and concerns through coming together, identifying and highlighting issues, creative discourse, illuminating hidden histories, street guerrilla action, performance, workshops, provocative art and talks. We come together, by Skype, weekend residential, workshops, collaborations, gatherings events to highlight and work on our issues and concerns and then seek ways to disseminate information and knowledge imaginatively, engaging others”.

X Marks the Spot 

Initiated in December 2011 ‘X Marks The Spot’ is a concerted period of research in conjunction with the Not Our Class and Jo Spence projects at Studio Voltaire, London – conducted by Mystique Holloway, Ego Ahaiwe, Louise Shelley, Gina Nimbhard, Emma Hedditch, Yula Burin and Zoe Holloway. Taking the focus of Spence’s work, on body image, health, and the representation of a life lived, in the most social political form possible. This research does not stay on the page, or screen but has populated our daily lives and heightened our experience of the present. Through Spence’s approach to photography as a transformative process, documentation of her life with breast cancer, and education around alternative therapy and self education through radical sociology, Spence’s work has pushed us to the limits of what we can involve ourselves in. We are taking on Spence’s ideas, with our selves as subjects, and sharing with our present communities.

X Marks the Spot have worked on various outcomes that have crossed into public programming at Studio Voltaire, including: a radio programme, this blog, photography workshops, research and public events series.

*A big thank you to all that took part in this special workshop*